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Bangalore Airport facility and Airport Transfer Service

Bengaluru (Bangalore) Airport
At the Bengaluru International Airport, your convenience is a matter of priority. To ensure you have a safe and comfortable experience at the airport, the authorities have put together a host of services and essential facilities. These are located across the two floors of our airport. Please use the maps provided below to locate the facility or service you may wish to use. You can also approach the friendly staff at the airport for more help.

Arrival at Bengaluru (Bangalore) Airport
Domestic & International Arrivals: Procedures and Services:

At Bengaluru International Airport, access to Baggage Claim is either through the bus gates or aerobridges. The claim area is on the ground floor of the Terminal Building. Bus gate passengers reach the area directly whereas passengers using the aerobridge arrival will come from the first floor to the ground floor. At the Baggage Claim area, an airport staff member will be there to assist you.

(Bus gate means those being carried from the aircraft to the arrival lounge by bus provided by the airlines.)

The arrival lounge has dedicated conveyor belts to serve domestic and international passengers. A Flight Information Display System (TV Screen) will assist and guide you with coordinated information on respective flight and belt details.

Once you claim your baggage, please proceed to the designated Arrival Gates which leads you to the Arrival Hall. For further assistance, please contact our designated Information Desk, where staff are available for round-the-clock service.

We advise you to read the time taken for Baggage Claim at Bengaluru International Airport. (The approximate time for baggage arrival is anywhere from 7 – 45 minutes. Time indicated below includes the entire process from disembarking the aircraft to reaching transport points).

  • Aircraft to Terminal: 12 minutes
  • Terminal to Baggage Belt: 5 minutes
  • Baggage Belt to Exit: 2 minutes
  • Exit to Transport Points: 2 minutes

International Passengers please note that:

  • On arriving at Bengaluru International Airport, you must fill in your respective immigration form.
  • You must carry relevant vaccination certificates, if any.

Immigration process at Bengaluru International Airport

All arriving passengers are to first report to one of the 18 Immigration Counters, which aid you in completing formalities as per requirement. The approximate time taken for Immigration check is about 7 minutes.

Customs rules and regulations

  • Only one (1) laptop is allowed per passenger.
  • Each passenger can carry upto 2 litres of liquor/ alcohol.
  • Each passenger can carry electronic goods valued at less than Rs.25,000.

Remaining rules and procedures are governed as laid by the customs authorities.

Airport Transfers

How to get from the airport to the hotel or their place of stay (e.g., Hotels,  IISc guest house). How to get a taxi; what to speak to whom. Charges.

One can use any of the transport services from the ones given below to reach the venue or place or residence. Each operator will have their counters with a representative who will provide assistance 24 hours a day.

AC Radio Taxi Services:
Air-conditioned cabs operated by Govt of India authorised private vendors are available at the arrival gate. They are safe and courteous and run on meter. The names and telephone number of the various agencies are given below:

Airport to City AC Taxi fares and payment procedures

  • Flag down fare (first 4 kms): Rs. 60
  • Every subsequent kilometre: Rs. 15
  • Waiting charges: No charge for the first 20 minutes
  • Waiting charge for next every 15 minutes or part thereof: Rs. 10

Passengers must make their payment at the end of their journey and collect a printed electronic receipt. Payment can be made through cash, credit card or debit card. Rates are charged based on the distance travelled.

A travel by these AC cabs to Bangalore City takes approximately  1 to 1 hour 30 minutes depending on traffic condition.

Limousine And Car Rental

  • Akbar Travels: 1-800-226-000
  • Hertz: 99725-02292
  • Choice of self-driven or chauffeured cars
  • Fare: indicative rate upto 25 km is Rs 1,200

Airport Shuttle Service – AC Bus Service
Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation (BMTC) has Volvo buses from various points of the city every 15 minutes to the Bangalore International Airport (BiAL). Contact details (it is not that easy to get a response from these call centers, better to check their online schedule),

  • BMTC Control Room: Telephone No: 2295-2522 / 2295-2422
  • BMTC, Kempegowda Bus Stand: Telephone No: 2295-2311 / 2295-2314
  • BMTC, Shivajinagar Bus Stand: Telephone No: 2295-2321 / 2295-2324

Few highlights,

  • Vajra buses are alternated with between Non AC /AC Suvarna buses - to and from the airport.
  • BMTC run a total of 156 buses, of which 40 will be Volvo
  • Pickup/drop off points will be from all key locations of the city.
  • Vajra services are provided with space for passenger's luggage
  • Fare includes luggage charges
  • The buses will have public address system, LCD panel showing real-time route information such as en-route pick up points, distance, travel time apart from entertainment videos, internet connectivity, mobile charger, newspapers and helper facility for luggage handling.

BMTC routes to BIA




No. Of Buses




45 mins



10 mins

Rs 80

Mysore Road Bus Station

1hr 50 mins



15 mins

Rs 135

JB Nagar

1hr 50 mins



15 mins

Rs 80-135

HAL airport

2 hrs



15 mins

Rs 80-135

JP nagar 6th Phase

2 hrs



15 mins

Rs 80-140

Whitefield Post Office

2 hrs



10 mins

Rs 80-150


2 hrs 10 mins



15 mins

Rs 80-150

Electronic City

2 hrs 45 mins



15 mins

Rs 80-200

Kempegowda Bus Station

1 hrs 15 mins



15 mins

Rs 80-120

Tickets on BMTC bus routes can also be looked by logging on to or calling 41431000.

How to reach IISc (Indian Institute of Science Bangalore) from the Airport/ Rainway Station.

IISc is about 35kms from the airport. One could take either a prepaid taxi (currently, costs Rs. 750, and the counter is available near the exit of the Airport Building), or a city taxi (costs about Rs. 500, and a queue for the same is just outside the airport building).

The Institute is known as "Tata Institute" to the locals and is just past Mekhri circle and on the way to Yeshwantpura (one must take a right turn at Mekhri circle). Shuttle bus service, operated by Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation (BMTC), runs from the airport to various areas in Bangalore city every 15 minutes. Details of the schedule can be found here. Additional information on the airport can also be found at its official website: (

The city railway station is about 7 kms from IISc campus. One will have to get out of the station from platform number ONE and reach the prepaid taxi stand and hire a city taxi (costs about Rs 150). Majestic  (7kms from IISc) is the central Bus stand in Bangalore which is just opposite to the City Railway station. If one happens to reach Majestic, Bangalore by bus, reach platform number 22 from where almost all buses come to the Institute.

The IISc Guest House is located at the far end of the campus. The distance from The Chancery Pavillion (Conference Venue) to the IISc Faculty Guest House is approximately 20 KM. By taxi or auto rickshaw it would take around 1 hour 30 minutes on a normal day. Buses will take around 2 hours or more.

The distance from the other listed hotels to the conference venue are mentioned against each of the hotels. Please visit for more information.




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