ACM Sigcomm-COMSNETS Best Student Paper Awards


As part of ACM SIGCOMM’s support of COMSNETS 2012, we will be awarding 2 travel grants to attend the ACM SIGCOMM 2012 conference in Helsinki, Finland. We will select two student authors from COMSNETS 2012 and will forward their names to the ACM SIGCOMM Executive Committee for the travel grants to the SIGCOMM 2012 conference.

The criteria for selection of the two student authors will be as follows:

  1. Ultimately, the decision on the selection of the 2 grants resides with the committee comprising the Gen Co-Chairs, the TPC Co-Chairs of COMSNETS 2012 and selected members of the ACM SIGCOMM Executive Committee.
  2. Generally one student author from each of the two best student papers from the Indian Subcontinent will be selected for the award. If no paper or only one paper is considered worthy of the award, then the committee, as specified in above bullet, will make the selections.
  3. A student paper must meet the following criterion: all authors should concur that their paper qualifies for the student paper award, because the major contribution to the work was made by a student. As such, the “main author” of the paper should be a student at the time of the submission of the paper.

The awards will be equivalent of the ACM Sigcomm GeoDiversity travel grants that are awarded each year. Information on what expenses are covered appears in the web page:

The ACM SIGCOMM-COMSNETS Best Student paper awardees are required to attend both COMSNETS 2012 and SIGCOMM 2012 in person for the entire duration of the conferences. The award will be forfeited if this requirement is not met in full.




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