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Workshop proposals are invited on focused topics in the areas of computer communication systems. The workshops are one-day long (either on January 6th or on January 10th, 2010).
The topics include (not exhaustive):

  • New Internet architectures
  • Vehicular networks and telematics
  • Mobile Communications (including applications, networking)
  • Cognitive Radio Systems
  • Networking for entertainment applications (e.g., IPTV, multiplayer games, virtual reality)
  • Spectrum allocation (including policy and implications)
  • Network measurements
  • Distributed network management
  • Middleware for grids
  • Pervasive computing (BANs, sensor networks, smart homes, etc)
  • Fault-tolerant network routing
  • Network Security
  • Cross-layer networking techniques

The proposals should include:

  • One-page description of the workshop theme,
  • A short list of the organizers and the TPC
  • The expected audience and author base, and
  • The timeline of the event.

The proposals should be submitted by email to the workshop chairs:

The deadline for submitting the proposals is: 1st July 2009. Notification of the selected proposals will be made by the
7th of July.

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