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COMSNETS 2010 Panels

COMSNETS 2010 will feature 3 panel discussions, covering a set of timely topics spanning issues and trends across the broad range of networking technologies, sensor-driven applications and mobile computing and services. The panels will be structured to provide multiple, compelling viewpoints on emerging topics or areas of interest, and will be highly interactive to enable significant audience participation.

The plan is to have one panel featured on each of the three main conference days. Each panel will feature a set of five distinguished speakers, expected to be drawn from industry (both corporate research labs and startups), academia and Government/regulatory bodies.

Panel Chairs:
Archan Misra, Telcordia Technologies, USA        
Shrikant Naidu, Motorola Applied Research and Technology Centre, India
Dipanjan Chakraborty, IBM Research -India Lab, India

Panel topics:

  • Metro-Sensing: Opportunities and Challenges for a Smarter City
  • Co-opetition or Annihilation: The Roadmap for 3G/WiMax/LTE in India
  • ICT for Emerging Markets: Experiences, Challenges, Insights
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