COMSNETS 2009 - Demos and Exhibits

COMSNETS 2009 - The first International Conference on COMmunication Systems and NETworkS (COMSNETS), Bangalore, India, January 5-10 2009.

THE FIRST International Conference on COMmunication Systems and NETworkS (COMSNETS) is being held in Bangalore, India from 5 January 2009 to 10 January 2009. COMSNETS is a premier international conference dedicated to addressing emerging topics and challenges in Networking and Communications Systems. COMSNETS 2009 features a "Demos and Exhibits" session designed to allow industry and researchers to showcase their latest industrial applications and research prototypes in all communications and networking related topics. Demo sessions will be held in the centrally located Esquire Hall over two days, to ensure maximum visibility and favor a close interaction between presenters and participants. Demo proposals cover a variety of different topics including innovative technologies, platforms, analysis tools and applications related to (but not limited to) wireless communications, emerging markets, vehicular communications, network security, and mobile platforms. Information pertaining to the demonstrations will be included on the COMSNETS Conference CD-ROM and be published as part of the digital library update sent to all IEEE Communications Society members with an ISBN. Please see the table below for a list of Demos and participating organizations.

Title of the Demonstration
Hardware and Software Tools for Wireless Sensor Networks
Naveen Chandra and Aditya Marathe
Intrinsic Solutions (partners to Crossbow Technologies)
IBM Bluehouse: SaaS-based Collaboration offering from IBM
R. Sreelatha and Mrityunjay Prasad
India Software Lab, IBM India
Infosys Elixir: Middleware for Application Development for Wireless Sensor Networks
Kumar Padmanabh
SETLabs, Infosys
Location-based Targeted Advertising on Mobile Phones
Vijay B. Srinivasamurthy, Krishna C. Kumar and Siddique A. Mohammed
IBM India, Bangalore
Location-based User Configurable Reminder Service for Mobile Phones
Kapil Madan and Anuj Bandlish
IBM India, Gurgaon
TelePort: Low Cost Sensor Network for Monitoring Road Traffic
Vikram Srinivasan
Deterministic Approach to In-time Root Cause Analysis
Kalapriya Kannan, Partha Dutta, Guruprasad Balasubramanian, Shivkumar Kalyanaraman and Prashant Pradhan
India Research Lab, IBM Bangalore
Service Delivery Platform for next-generation on-premise entertainment and aspect-oriented media advertisement
Soudip Chowdhury
IBM India, Bangalore
Wireless Vulnerability Assessment
Kaustubh Phanse
AirTight Networks
Wuala - Social Online Storage
Fabius Klemm, Luzius Meisser and Dominik Grolimund 
Caleido, Zurich, Switzerland
Services over Simmortel Voice User Interface
Abhishek Singh
Simmortel Voice
Services over Infosys mConnect Puneet Gupta, Karthik G. V., Venkat Sivaramamurthy and Pallab Sen SETLabs, Infosys

Note to Presenters: Congratulations on your demonstration proposals being accepted for presentation at the COMSNETS 2009 Demos and Exhibits Session. Please go ahead and ensure that at least one presenter per demonstration is registered at the full conference registration rates for COMSNETS 2009. If your organization is a sponsor to COMSNETS 2009, then it is possible to apply any available complimentary registrations towards the Demos and Exhibits Session. If a presenter is an author of a paper, and has already registered for the main track, then no further registration is necessary. For more information regarding registration, click here.

Demos/Exhibit Chairs:

  • Aravind Iyer, GM Research, Bangalore
  • Shrikant, Samsung India