1. To promote strategies to facilitate activities related to Communications, Networking, Security, Communication Middleware, Software and related areas such as Applications and Services.
  2. To help create professional interest communities or special interest groups in the areas of communications, networking and related areas.
  3. To enable and sponsor world class conferences, workshops, symposiums with an objective of creating a world class gathering of researchers from academia and industry, practitioners, business leaders, intellectual property experts and venture capitalists, providing a launch pad for new innovative business and technology.
  4. To create, manage and provide grants towards travel of students and faculty in order to attend conferences, workshops, seminars etc both domestic as well as at international level.
  5. To encourage recognition of related activities in communication systems and networking related activities performed by individuals or groups and promote awards.
  6. To assist the development of volunteer leaders among members and promote their representation in appropriate COMSNETS organizational units.
  7. To interact with other similar institutions having similar objectives for mutual benefit.
  8. To work and collaborate with other non – profit professional organizations such as academic institutions, government departments, IEEE, ACM, CSI, INAE etc.
  9. To foster the growth of basic research and education in Computer, Communications and Networking in India.
  10. To help disseminate advanced knowledge to the Computer Communications and networking community engaged in high level teaching, research and developmental activities.
  11. To contribute to increased interaction among Electronics and Communication Engineers and scientists in India and their counterparts abroad.
  12. To improve the quality of Communications software practice in India and abroad.
  13. Interact with governmental agencies/bodies to identify and support emerging thrust areas in electronics, communications and networking.

List of executive committee members:



Role at Comsnets

Prof. Anurag Kumar

IISc, Bangalore


Prof. Huzur Saran

IIT, Delhi


Dr. G. Venkatesh

SASKEN, Bangalore


Dr. Rajeev Shorey

GM Research, Bangalore


Prof. Uday Desai

IIT, Mumbai


Mr. Sudipta Maitra

IBM-Daksh, Gurgaon


Prof. Ranjan Mallik

IIT, Delhi