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List of Papers Accepted for COMSNETS 2011

Energy Efficient Resource Allocation in Mobile Ad Hoc
Computational Grids
	Sayed Chhattan Shah (Korea University, Korea)
Optimal Contention-free Multiplexing for Wireless Access
	G R Dattatreya (Mitre Corporation, USA)
	Ajay Kulkarni (Cisco Systems, USA)

Survivable Network Design using Polyhedral approeaches 
	Yogesh Agarwal (IIM Lucknow, India)

Voice Messaging for Mobile Delay-Tolerant Networks 
	Md. Tarikul Islam (Aalto University, Finland)
	Anssi Turkulainen (Aalto University, Finland)
	Joerg Ott (Aalto University, Finland)

k-dense Communities in the Internet AS-Level Topology 
	Enrico Gregori (CNR-IIT, Italy)
	Luciano Lenzini (University of Pisa, Italy)
	Chiara Orsini (University of Pisa, Italy)
Flexible Playout Adaptation for Low Delay AAC RTP Communication 
	Jochen Issing (University of Erlangen, Germany)
	Falko Dressler (University of Erlangen, Germany)
	Nikolaus Färber (Fraunhofer IIS, Germany)
	Stefan Reuschl (Fraunhofer IIS, Germany)

Loss behavior analysis and its application in design of link
quality metrics
	Kameswari Chebrolu (IIT Bombay, India)
	Advait Mishra (Microsoft, India)

Sequencegram: n-gram Modeling of System Calls for Program based
Anomaly Detection

	Neminath Hubballi (IIT Guwahati, India)
	Santosh Biswas (IIT Guwahati, IN)
	Sukumar Nandi (IIT Guwahati, IN)

CrowdLab: An Architecture for Volunteer Mobile Testbeds 
	Eduardo Cuervo (Duke University, USA)
	Peter Gilbert (Duke University, USA)
	Bi Wu (Duke University, USA)
	Landon Cox (Duke University, USA)

The Local and Global Effects of Traffic Shaping in the Internet
	Massimiliano Marcon (MPI-SWS, Germany)
	Marcel Dischinger (MPI for Software Systems, Germany)
	Krishna Phani Gummadi (MPI for Software Systems, Germany)
	Amin Vahdat (UC, San Diego, USA)

Minimizing Content Provisioning Cost in Heterogeneous Social
Wireless Networks
	Mahmoud Taghizadeh (Michigan State University, USA)
	Subir Biswas (Michigan State University, USA)

Scalability of a Distributed Virtual Environment Based on a
Structured Peer-To-Peer Architecture
	Jiehua Chen (Technical University of Berlin, Germany)
	Sven Grottke (Technical University of Berlin, Germany)
	Jan Sablatnig (Technical University fo Berlin, Germany)
	Ruedi Seiler (Technical University of Berlin, Germany)
	Adam M Wolisz (Technical University of Berlin, Germany)

Planning Rules for Split Ratio Selection in Building {GPON}-based
Access Networks
	Hamada Alshaer (Etisalat British Telecom Innovation
	Center (EBTIC), Khalifa University, UAE)
	Mohamed Alyafei (Etisalat, UAE)

Group Key Management Scheme for Simultaneous Multiple Groups with
Overlapped Membership
	Purushothama B R (National Institute of Technology
	Warangal, India)
	Bharat Amberker (National Institute of Technology,
	Warangal, India)

Confidential Program Update with Dynamic Key computation for
Clustered Wireless Sensor Networks
	Nirmala (Siddaganga Institute of Technology, India)

Defeating the Insider Threat via Autonomic Network Capabilities
	Faisal M. Sibai (George Mason University, USA)
	Daniel A Menascé (George Mason University, USA)

A System for Audio Signalling Based NAT Traversal 
	Ashish Patro (University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA)
	Yadi Ma (University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA)
	Fatemeh Panahi (University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA)
	Jordan Walker (Center for Integrated Data Analytics, USA)
	Suman Banerjee (University of Wisconsin, USA)

Downlink Transmission Mode Selection And Switching Algorithm For
	Shubhodeep Adhikari (Motorola India, India)

Multimedia Communication in Cognitive Radio Networks based on
Sample Division Multiplexing
	Ansuman Bhattacharya (Indian Statistical Institute,
	Kolkata, India)
	Rabindranath Ghosh (St. Thomas' College of Engineering
	and Technology, Kolkata, India)
	Koushik Sinha (Honeywell Technology Solutions Lab, India)
	Bhabani Sinha (Indian Statistical Institute, India)

Delay Contained: Scheduling Voice Over Multi-hop Multi-channel
Wireless Mesh Networks
	Vijay Gabale (Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay,
	Ashish Chiplunkar (IIT Bombay, India)
	Bhaskaran Raman (Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay,
	Partha Dutta (IBM India Research Lab, India)

Optimizing Power Consumption of Always-On Applications Based on
Timer Alignment
	Ville Könönen (VTT, Finland)
	Pekka Pääkkönen (VTT Technical Research Centre
	of Finland, Finland)

Error-Resilient Image Transmission over Multihop Wireless
	Pradipta De (IBM India Research lab, India)
	Nilanjan Banerjee (IBM Research, India)
	Swades De (Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi, India)

A System Approach to Network Modeling for DDoS Detection using
Naive Bayesian Classifiers

	Rajagopalan Vijayasarathy (SETS, India)
	Ravindran B (IITM, India)
	Serugudi Venkataraman Raghavan (IIT Madras, India)

Efficient Target Tracking through Binary-Detection in Sparsely
Deployed WSN
	Deepak Jeswani (Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur,
	Ankit Kesharwani (Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur,
	Sneha Chaudhari (IISC Bangaluru, India)
	Vaishali P Sadaphal (Tata Research, India)
	Ratan K. Ghosh (Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur,

Augmenting Topic Models with User Relations in Context based
Communication Services
	Vikranth Babu (Indian Institute of Technology, India)
	K. Kishore Dhara (Avaya Labs Research, USA)
	Venkatesh Krishnaswamy (Avaya Labs Research, USA)
Separating Event Points by Binary Proximity Sensors: An
Asymptotic Analysis
	SanthanaKrishnan Boopalan (Indian Institute of
	Technology, Bombay, India)

Farsighted Flow Management for Video Delivery in Broadband
Wireless Networks
	Rajesh Mahindra (NEC Labs America, USA)
	Ravi Kokku (NEC Laboratories America, USA)
	Honghai Zhang (NEC Labs America, USA)
	Sampath Rangarajan (NEC Labs America, USA)

Reaching approximate Wardrop equilibrium at reduced costs of link
state updates
	Yong Oh Lee (Texas A & M University, USA)
	Balaji Rengarajan (Institute IMDEA Networks, Spain)
	Narasimha Reddy (Texas A & M University, USA)

An Instantaneous Call Admission Control using Information
Dissemination for WiMAX Mesh Networks
	R Saravana Manickam (IIT Madras, India)
	Siva Ram Murthy (IIT Madras, India)

Capacity Requirements for On-Demand IPTV 
	Vijay Gopalakrishnan (AT&T Labs - Research, USA)
	Pat Diminico (AT&T, USA)
	Rittwik Jana (AT&T Labs Research, USA)
	K. K. Ramakrishnan (AT&T Labs - Research, USA)
	Deborah Swayne (AT&T Labs - Research, USA)
	Vinay A. Vaishampayan (AT&T Labs - Research, USA)

SRLG Identification from Time Series Analysis of Link State Data
	Goutam Das (University of Ghent, Belgium)
	Dimitri Papadimitriou (Alcatel-Lucent Bell, Belgium)
	Bart Puype (Ghent University, Belgium)
	Didier Colle (IBBT - Ghent University, Belgium)
	Mario Pickavet (Ghent University, Belgium)
	Piet Demeester (Ghent University, Belgium)

Impact of Prefix Hijacking on Payments of Providers 
	Pradeep Bangera (Institute IMDEA Networks, Spain)
	Sergey Gorinsky (Institute IMDEA Networks, Spain)

Multi-state Power Management of Communication Links 
	Krishna Kant (National Science Foundation, USA)

Towards Truly Heterogeneous Internets: Bridging
Infrastructure-based and Infrastructure-less Networks
	Rao Naveed Bin Rais (INRIA, France)
	Marc Mendonca (University of California, Santa Cruz, USA)
	Thierry Turletti (INRIA, France)
	Katia Obraczka (University of California, Santa Cruz,

Control Plane' Properties for Signaling in Loss-feedback based
Video Multicast Rate Adaptation over Shared Infrastructure
	Kaliappa Ravindran (City University of New York, USA)
	Ramesh Bharadwaj (Naval Research Laboratory, USA)
	Supratik Mukhopadhyay (Louisiana State University, USA)
	Mohammad Rabby (City University of New York, USA)
	Gaurav Mangukiya (Indian Institute of Technology -
	Kharagpur, India)

FREEZE: Rate Adaptation in Wireless LANs using channel contention
	Ajay A. Kulkarni (University of Texas at Dallas, USA)  
	Shanthy Menezes (University of Texas at Dallas, USA)  
	Ravi Prakash (University of Texas at Dallas, USA)  

On the Game Server Network Selection with Delay and Delay
Variation Constraints
	Yuh-Rong Chen (University of Oklahoma, USA)
	Sridhar Radhakrishnan (University of Oklahoma, USA)
	Sudarshan Dhall (University of Oklahoma, USA)
	Suleyman Karabuk (University of Oklahoma, USA) 
Splitting HTTP Requests on Two Servers 	
	Bharat Rawal (Towson University, USA)
	Ramesh Karne (Towson University, USA)
	Alexander L Wijesinha (Towson University, USA) 
A formal approach to mobility modeling
	Ashutosh Dutta (NIKSUN, USA)
	Bryan Lyles (Telcordia Technologies, USA)
	Henning Schulzrinne (Columbia University, USA)


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